Grow everyday well-being for body, mind, and planet.

Food is Medicine

When you grow your own herbs and vegetables, your food choices become healthier choices.

Mental Health

A natural solution to reducing stress and bringing the power of positivity to everyday living.

A Greener Planet

Raise your and your people’s awareness around sustainability and a healthy planet.

Gardening for everyday well-being

Growing a healthier you through the experience of gardening



“People who garden at home eat on average 2 cups more of vegetables daily than they did before gardening.” Dr. John La Puma



“When you grow your own herbs and vegetables, you become more aware of what your body needs for overall wellness.” - Dr. Madhukar Trivedi



"An opportunity to transform how health is experienced in this country." Dr. Raj Shah President of the Rockefeller Foundation, describing the Food is Medicine Initiative

Growing nutritional wellness

Nutrition for everyday well-being

Mental health grows in the garden

Letting nature nurture your overall wellness.

What our partners are saying and growing

“If you’ve never experienced the joy of accomplishing more than you can imagine, plant a garden.” Robert Breault

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